Microsoft Office Mobile

While Apple’s iWork office suite for iOS is great for getting work done on the move, I’m still a little jealous that Windows Phone users have a fancy mobile version of Microsoft Office. There is hope, however, that Microsoft will make Word, Excel and Powerpoint available on other platforms. Its product manager for Office 2010, Chris Adams, has confirmed that they are evaluating the possibility of porting Office to rival smartphones.

In an interview with TechRadar, Adams spoke about today’s U.K. release of the Microsoft OneNote note-taking app for iOS, which TechRadar suggested could have the potential to negate the need for a Windows Phone device for some users:

“I think we’re a while off OneNote being the differentiating factor in mobile product platforms. We want to make sure the [Office] experience fits with the users choice of phone, so if you have an iPhone you get the iPhone experience.”

Unfortunately for you Android and BlackBerry users, Adams wouldn’t confirm whether OneNote would make it to your platforms, but he did point out that with the likes of ActiveSync being offered in rival operating systems, Microsoft is open to providing users with what they want:

“We’ve already got the [Office] partnership with Nokia, announced well before the Windows Phone tie-in, and we’re moving in the direction where we want to help users be more productive – it’s not unreasonable to expect to see OneNote on other platforms.

“We’re evaluating things like adding in editing functionality for Word and PowerPoint documents – working based on user feedback, it could be more about minor edits and tweaks to allow commenting or spelling correction rather than creating a whole presentation on your phone on a train.”

As an iPhone and iPad user, I’d love to see Office Mobile arrive on other platforms. It’s one of the few things I miss about my old Orange SPV M600 (or HTC Prophet to you Americans) Pocket PC, and from what I’ve been told by friends, it’s solid, robust and works well on Windows Phone 7 devices.

If you haven’t already tried out OneNote, I recommend it, especially if you use Office on your PC. Its latest update (1.2) introduces some nice new features including searchable notes, syncing for shared notebooks, and the ability to resize images before inserting them into your notes.

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