Who will Microsoft tap as its next CEO? Most signs are pointing to rising executive Satya Nadella, though a stray report on Friday pointed to Google's Sundar Pichai, the senior vice president in charge of Android and Chrome. The latter seems like a weird choice, especially since he would be coming from a major competitor with a different culture, and because most reports have suggested Microsoft was leaning toward promoting an insider.

In either case, Re/Code said Friday that Microsoft's board will have a meeting of the minds this weekend to make a final decision, with the hopes of revealing the final choice next week. Apparently Monday could be too soon – the Super Bowl is Sunday after all – but we may hear something official as soon as mid-week. Re/Code also backed up previous reports that Bill Gates may be out as chairman.

Who do you think Microsoft's pick will be? Our bets are going on Nadella right now, but we're always down for a good surprise.