Last week we learned Microsoft was testing a unique new keyboard app for iPhones and Android devices. Now it turns out the company is forcing its way into the market by scooping up SwiftKey, one of the smartest keyboard apps around.

SwiftKey confirmed the news on Wednesday morning, following reports that the deal was worth as much as $250 million. The company says its iOS and Android apps will remain free and available. It’s possible we’ll also see a version for Windows 10 now that Microsoft is running the show.

Microsoft has bought up a handful of popular productivity apps in the past few years. The company acquired Acompli and turned it into a new and well-received version of Outlook email. It also purchased Sunrise, a popular calendar app. Microsoft later announced plans to integrate the two services for a better overall experience.

It’s unclear what changes, if any, Microsoft has in mind for SwiftKey. The app is already pretty popular, so renaming it seems like a waste of time, but it’s likely we’ll see better integration between this smart keyboard and the rest of Redmond’s software moving forward.