Microsoft-Secret-Surface-Event-keynote-2When Apple execs talk about competition, it does not mince words, especially if the company is talking about a product — in this case, Microsoft's Surface — trying to move in on hallowed territory. But, in a response to AllThingsD, Microsoft has a frank rebuttal that cuts right to the chase, too.

Referring to the new iPad mini, Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky said Apple's baby tab is merely "recreational," and noted that there are plenty of Windows 8 laptops — not netbooks — that go for cheaper. The kind of machines that'll last a kid through college, Sinofsky said, highlighting the value gap. Additionally, Sinofsky claimed that superior engineering from Acer, Lenovo and Dell drive down Ultrabook costs, and said that computers such as the MacBook Air are far too expensive.

Finally, Sinofsky admitted an iPad is good for short bursts, but said Microsoft's Surface is a better product because it "can suffice even on a long business trip." Apple's iPad so far hasn't been matched — it sold 14 million in Q4. Can the Surface turn that around? That remains to be seen.

[via AllThingsD]