Microsoft is pushing out an update to the Microsoft Band that will add new functionality, the highlight of which is the ability better to track data for cyclists.

The update will add support for MapMyRide and Strava. Strava is a popular app among runners and cyclists that provides a dashboard view of your bike routes including information on distance traveled, the time of your ride and more. MapMyRide offers similar functions. Previously, the Microsoft Band was best at tracking walking and running distances, and wasn’t tuned to track cycling very well, even though Microsoft added a bike tile back in February.

“We’re committed to building the device jointly with our customers and partners, continuously improving both the product and service based on their feedback and usage,” Microsoft’s Matt Barlow said Wednesday.

Microsoft also said it plans to update its health dashboard on computers with comparative insights so users can track sleep, steps, workouts, calories burned and more. It will also track the day and time that user’s typically get the best workouts, and recommend users work out during those periods.

Barlow said that Microsoft Band owners should stay tuned for future updates in the coming months that will add even more functionality.