The Microsoft Band looks more like a concept than a consumer product, but that didn't stop the $199 wearable device from quickly selling out. The sensor-packed wristband is officially out of stock on Microsoft's online store, though you may still be able to pick one up in-person.

The device's absence was first spotted by Gdgt Arena, which notes that you should still be able to find one at a physical Microsoft Store. The company reportedly stockpiled units for the holiday season, so that's your best shot right now. Redmond is also sending out $10 promo codes to anyone still on the Microsoft Band waiting list as an apology for the delay.

In case you missed the news, the Microsoft Band made its unexpected debut last month as the first gadget to run its Microsoft Health software. Beyond the usual fitness tracking features it can also show incoming notifications, reminders and more. It even works with Android and iOS thanks to a cross-platform app, though you'll get the best experience with a Windows Phone thanks to Cortana integration.

Overall it seems like a pretty solid device. Microsoft still has a lot of room for improvement though, especially when it comes to that bulky design.