Windows Phone 8

Ouch Microsoft, way to leave your fans out in the cold. The Redmond-based company just announced its new Windows Phone 8 operating system, which touts features such as NFC, microSD card support, integration with Windows 8 devices, higher screen resolutions and a revamped start screen, but it won't be available to current Windows Phone device owners, CNET said. So, anyone who has supported the company and bought its partner's phones won't be able to take advantage of the newest features — save for a few UI enhancements that will come in the form of a smaller Windows Phone 7.8 update, The Verge said.

Obviously we understand that the new operating system might require faster processors to run, but that wasn't an issue in the past when Microsoft pushed out its Mango update. Lumia 900 owners should probably be the most upset by this move; the phone was launched as a "flagship" device just a few months ago and Microsoft just made it irrelevant.

[via CNET, The Verge]