"Beware the Googlighting Stranger." That's the new message Microsoft wants to get across in a scathing new video campaign criticizing Google and its assortment of "productivity" apps. It looks like the Redmond-based company is feeling the heat from Google's suite of cloud-based technology.

Basically, Microsoft thinks Google moonlights as a legitimate software maker, but really, it's productivity offerings are nothing more than half-baked, inflexible and experimental dribble that constantly change while offering limited functionality.

Microsoft further highlights its attack on Google by listing a number of compare/contrast bullet points on its Why Microsoft? website. Clearly, the Windows-maker isn't being shy about its feelings toward the search giant.

Google Apps is an ever-changing solution with experimental features that can increase complexity and the need for change management and training. When your business needs help, Google Apps support falls short of delivering the kind and level of support you demand.

[via Why Microsoft]