Microsoft’s latest experiment is an Android launcher called Arrow. The app is available now in private beta, though it’s still a little rough around the edges.

The focal point of Arrow is the homescreen, which is broken up into three horizontal strips. Up top there’s a single row of recently used apps. In the middle you get plenty of space to organize your own icons and folders, while the bottom row displays another four quick access apps and the app drawer launcher. You can even access even more shortcuts along with your recent contacts by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Microsoft also included two more pages, one on either side of the homescreen. Swipe right for a to-do list and schedule reminders. Swipe left for an expanded list of shortcuts and recent contacts. For now there’s no option to add more pages or delete the ones you have, though we assume that’s coming soon. A few other small tweaks include new icon designs for Phone and Messages.

Microsoft Arrow looks like a pretty clever take on Android, though at this point it’s clearly still a work in progress. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can sign up to join the test group on Google+ or just download the APK directly via the source links below.