Microsoft Surface RT Kick Stand

Microsoft announced the Surface 2 today, a revamped successor to the Surface RT that ditches the failed tablet's branding. The redesigned tablet features a faster processor and a Full 1080p HD display, the same one used in the new Surface Pro 2. The device also offers 25 percent more battery life, and a lighter exterior design to emphasize the magnesium build.

The Surface 2 offers multiple accounts for family use, and runs a RT version of Windows 8.1 OS. The device ships with the full suite of Windows Office programs, including Outlook. Microsoft also offers a wireless dongle to view your Surface 2's display on your own TV.

The Surface 2 includes two cameras, including a front-facing camera designed for Skype. The device also comes with a free year of Best of Skype service, which includes free international calling and the ability to make calls over WiFi. Microsoft is also throwing in 200GB of Skydrive storage free for two years.

The Surface 2 costs $449 at launch.