Microsoft on Thursday revealed its Q2 2013 earnings report, announcing a revenue of $21.46 billion—$6.38 billion of which was profit. As for net income, Microsoft said that figure landed at $5.87 billion, up from last quarter.

The company's Windows division grabbed nearly $5.9 billion of revenue, jumping up 24 percent over this time last year. So I guess people really dig Windows 8—Microsoft said 60 million licenses were allotted.

On the entertainment side, Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices division fell by 11 percent from 2012, but still grabbed $3.77 billion of revenue. Seeing that the Xbox is nearing the end of its life, it isn't much of a surprise that interest has waned slightly. 

Other avenues of Microsoft's wide umbrella, such as Server & Tools, saw a nine percent spike in revenue to $5.19 billion compared to last year.

Microsoft has an earnings call scheduled for 5:30 p.m. EST, so if anything of interest comes through the pipe, we'll be sure to update.