Microsoft has announced the games available on Games with Gold this March.

February's over, and we're pretending Spring is almost here. Alongside the faint hope of warmer weather are two games: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution and Dungeon Defenders.

Civilization will be available now until March 15, while Dungeon Defenders is available from March 16 until the end of the month.

Even six months in, Games with Gold still feels more than anything like a poor imitation of PlayStation Plus' free game selections. On the upside, you get to keep the games you acquire through Games with Gold, while PlayStation Plus games will disappear from your library if your subscription ever lapses. The downside is that Games with Gold's selection just hasn't been as good.

Civilization Revolutions is actually a solid reinterpretation of the Civilization formula, but the series' PC association kept the title from being very popular. Similarly, Dungeon Defenders is a solid co-op tower defense RPG with both online and couch co-op. Both are games worth checking out, but they don't fit the selection of newer and more popular games hitting PlayStation Plus.

They might not be as popular as some of the recent selections on PlayStation – 2013's Tomb Raider as well as Thomas Was Alone – but don't miss them either way.

Update: We mistakenly said above that PlayStation Plus titles will eventually disappear from your library on their own. Games only disappear if your subscription lapses.