Starting September 20th, players will be able to buy the Season Pass to Gears of War 3 over the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 2400 Points, a 33% savings compared to what the four separate DLC releases will cost if you were to buy them all individually.

This move comes as part of a recent trend spread across several publishers and several franchises. One of the first to apply this "pass" notion to their DLC was Rockstar with L.A. Noire. If you purchased the pass, you snagged all of the pre-order bonus content once exclusive to certain retailers as well as a discounted price for each piece of announced DLC.

The press release bringing news of the Gears 3 pass makes no mention of any pre-order bonus content, but it does include some info concerning the DLC itself.

While the DLC has not been revealed as of yet, the press release that brought this news makes mention of the fact that they will cover both multiplayer and campaign content. As the bit from the release indicates, this release will add "hours of campaign and multiplayer mayhem, these game add-ons will be must-haves for any 'Gears' fan…"

In addition to the discounted content, those that order the Season Pass starting September 20th will have access to the Liquid Metal Weapon Set. We assume they'll be like the golden guns made available to purchasers of Gears of War 2 when it released, except silvery. Call us scientists, we know it's crazy.

While it may seem like a glorified way to sucker fans into dropping money without seeing the product first, I'm actually in love with this idea. It basically serves as a discount for diehard fans. You know the type, they'd be buying all of this DLC regardless of price or worth. This just gives those types of gamers a nice discount. Plus, it could also capture those on the fence.

Gears of War 3 from Epic Games will drop exclusively for the Xbox 360 on September 20th, the same day that the Season Pass is made available.