microsoft iphone attack ad youtube

Microsoft's latest series of Apple attack ads, titled "A fly on the wall in Cupertino," were meant to poke fun at Apple's latest iPhones, which were announced last week. To the dismay of many, though, the ads fell terribly flat and failed miserably to convey a convincing message to its viewers. Worse, many people were upset that Microsoft appeared to use the likeness—an emaciated one at that—of Steve Jobs in a parody.

The ads—seven in total—were pulled almost as quickly as they went up, and Microsoft released a statement to CNET saying the company regrets the commercials and admitted they were in poor taste. Saying they were "off the mark," the ads showed two designers pitching Apple's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c to prominent Apple executives, including Jony Ive and Tim Cook (the supposed Steve Jobs figure). But the ads themselves were awfully unfunny, low budget and seemed more than desperate.

Microsoft hasn't been shy about going after Apple, most recently in a series of ads depicting the Cupertino company's iPad as inferior to devices running Windows RT. But these latest parodies just weren't as clever. Additionally, ads depicting the superiority of Nokia's Lumia 1020 compared to iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices have been making the rounds, and those are actually hilarious. More of that.

While the ads were pulled, there are some mirrors floating around if you're curious. This kind of thing just comes with the territory in the world of mobile; following Apple's announcement last week, Nokia immediately took to Twitter to mock Apple, while HTC also put its two cents in. It's just the way Microsoft did it that had people upset.