Far Cry 4 disappeared from the Xbox Store earlier this week and in the process left digital owners unable to access their purchased game (or download it, for that matter). The game was restored shortly thereafter, but its disappearance had some gamers worried.

There was concern at the time that this was related to Microsoft's methods of DRM management. While Microsoft's methods aren't really much different from Sony's at this point, fans still remember the unconventional methods the company outlined when they first unveiled the Xbox One console. Gamers worried, would we lose access to the game if it was delisted from the Xbox Store, as games have been in the past?

Microsoft said in a statement that "if customers own the rights to a game, they can visit their download history and initiate a re-download whenever they please. Even if the game has been delisted from the Xbox Store and is no longer available for purchase."

As Eurogamer points out, there are a few reasons a game can disappear from the store. In the past, games were delisted for a company losing the rights to a license – and therefore, the ability to legally sell it – or the rights to some of the music inside the game. One notable instance of this was with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game in 2011 disappearing from both the Xbox and PlayStation stores. The reason for Far Cry 4's disappearance is yet unknown, but it was restored shortly thereafter.