Xbox8 tileMicrosoft has won two disputes, according to, over a number of Xbox domain names owned by a resident of China named "Cheng Juan."

Some of the names acquired by Microsoft include,, and more surprisingly and Could this hint at the title for Microsoft's follow-up to the Xbox360?

The change from Xbox to Xbox360 was a surprise to many who expected an Xbox2. While the codename of Xbox720 has been floating around, it seems unlikely that Microsoft would want to associate their slick new console with 720p resolution. While I've been banking on Xbox1080 as a potential name, Xbox8 has is weirdly logical. Microsoft switched the simpler naming structure with Windows 7, and as 8 comes nearer, the company has been making an effort to unify their various platforms. Xbox 8 would put the new console in line with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

With that said, though, the much-more-important domain still resides with "Wan Sean" of Hubei, China. At this point it's impossible to tell if this will lead to anything real or if it's purely brand protection for potential future use.

In response to Kotaku, Microsoft offered only the usual "no comment."