Perhaps the biggest knock against Microsoft's mobile reimagining is the lack of apps. There are some quality ones available, sure, but when compared to Android and iOS, the selection in sheer volume doesn't come close. But the platform is still relatively young, and it's growing. Fast.

Microsoft on Thursday said that the Windows Phone Marketplace more than doubled this year, growing to more than 120,000 published apps as of October. Overall, the Redmond company revealed that over 75,000 new apps and games were published over the last twelve months alone, which is a pretty substantial number and shows that there certainly is developer interest.

The company reiterated its focus on getting the apps people want during its Windows Phone 8 launch back in October, so we know Microsoft is dedicated to the cause. Currently, 46 of the top 50 apps are or will be available for WP8, but that still leaves plenty of holes and cracks for newer, more popular apps that have come out in the past few months.

If Microsoft wants to continue to grow Windows Phone 8, it'll really have to hunker down next year and entice developers to produce some groundbreaking stuff. Otherwise, it might just be cast off as something that doesn't quite reach its full potential.