The video game world is so focused on amiibo these days that Disney Infinity and Skylanders seem like old news. Not to worry though, because Disney Infinity is about to get a huge boost in popularity thanks to Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and my favorite “modern” Disney movie, Mulan.

Can we still call 1998 “modern?”

Chinese retailer Taobao has let slip a few figurines from the next wave of characters in Disney Infinity 3.0. Mulan, Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron Legacy, and that frozen monstrosity Olaf from Frozen appear among the figurines in the leak as well as this weird rat guy and his girlfriend.

Disney Infinity Leak

Oh yeah, it’s Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse. You know, Disney and all? What kind of a world do we live in when one of these two characters is pushed back to wave three?

Star Wars figurines were not in the leak, but Polygon has confirmed with multiple sources that they will be there.

Nothing official about Disney Infinity 3.0 has been made public yet, but Taobao is the same retailer which leaked the now confirmed Silver Mario amiibo figurine. All the choices seem to fit the bill. Disney has confirmed that Mulan will be its next live-action adaptation, a new Tron film has also been confirmed to be in the works, and Frozen is till stupidly popular and has a sequel on the way.

Finally, a new Star Wars movie is coming out this year. You might have heard. More to come as it becomes official