After hearing rumors that it'd been scrapped, it seems the Warner Bros. is still eyeing DC anti-hero Lobo to star in his own feature film, and they know who they want at the helm. The studio is looking to big-budget movie director Michael Bay to bring the easy-ridin' merc to life.

Despite the reputation of Bay as the director of some of the most over the top, big-budget productions out there – Transformers, Armageddon starring Bruce Willis, Bad Boys II – it seems both the studio and Bay are eyeing a smaller budget for the character.

It's worth noting that there are no negotiations going on right now, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This is far off, as a script re-write would need to be done to make the lower-budget film happening. The existing script would cost north of $200 million.

Despite Lobo being a comparative unknown, it seems like DC and Warner Bros. might be looking for their Deadpool. Much as Deadpool was created as a parody of DC's colorful super-ninja Deathstroke, Lobo has been used as a parody the ultra-muscled gritty heroes of the 90s. He started out as a villain in the 80s, but the slightly-goofy but still ultra-violent version we know has had more time in the spotlight than the original did. Aiming for a low-budget comic-book movie with a comedy-focused protagonist seems to support that.

The movie isn't on WB's schedule, and we likely won't see it for a while yet, but this would definitely be an interesting pairing. With 54 movies under his belt as a director, there's no question that he knows how to get movies made. If Bay does end up sitting down for the movie, it'll happen.