You know how we could tell this gaming trailer was directed by Michael Bay? It wasn't necessarily the increased amount of explosions or action, it was the spastic level of quick cuts used throughout. They come fast, and, towards the middle of the trailer, the action cuts so much that it's almost disorienting.

But, hey, if EA's marketing team wanted an absolutely over-the-top take on a gaming trailer for Need for Speed: The Run, Michael Bay was probably the best Hollywood director they could have turned to. The man knows his way around adrenaline fueled explosions and direction, and that shows well in the two minute video above.

Here's Michael Bay on his work for the trailer and the gaming medium in general"

"I was very impressed with the Need for Speed crew — they have a very filmic look to their stuff and are very good at their direction of camera work…What's interesting about games is that they've taken the sound to such a level now. They've upped their music, they've upped the acting quotient on these games."

What's unique about this entry in the Need for Speed franchise is that the EA team has elected to place a much, much stronger emphasis on a single, tangible storyline in order to tie the events in the game together. We'll actually have a reason beyond racing for the sake of racing to play through the entirety of The Run. We just hope the quick time events that seem to litter the out-of-car sequences are kept to a minimum.

What do you folks think of this upcoming, fresh take on the Need for Speed franchise? Will you be buying The Run during this jam-packed holiday season, or will you wait until the game meets discount prices sometime next year?

Need for Speed: The Run is set to release for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms on November 15th.

[via GamePro]

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