Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Influx could be the next-generation flagship you’ve been waiting for. From a new concept, we get an idea of the Mi Mix series’ potential future.

The video reveals various design elements for the Mi Mix Influx. Xiaomi would implement ‘frame corners’ rather than a barely-there bezel, allowing the front-facing camera and its sensors to relocate back to the top. Also, the concept includes front-facing stereo speakers. Around the back, you get a dual-camera setup as well as a fingerprint scanner.

While the concept doesn’t reveal anything about internal specifications, there’s no doubt the Mi Mix Influx would ship with Xiaomi’s MIUI.

Before you go running off with this, remember that it’s not an actual leak. The Mi Mix Influx you’re looking at is a concept from an illustrator. Xiaomi might announce something similar at a later time, but take everything you see as pure speculation and unconfirmed.

Here’s the concept on video, courtesy of Designed by Hege:

The concept isn’t based on anything but its creator’s imagination, but it’s still fun to imagine the direction Xiaomi could go in down the road. And it’s not too far off from what the Chinese company already rolls out. Here, the Mi Mix Influx boasts an edge-to-edge display and metal-glass combination much like its predecessors.

In a few weeks, we should see Xiaomi introduce a new Mi Mix device. The Mi Mix 3, which will likely include high-end specifications, is expected to make its global debut on September 15.