Xiaomi confirmed when its latest high-end phone will launch.

Over the weekend, the company teased that it would be announcing the Mi Mix 2S soon. It named the phone and revealed its processor. Xiaomi didn’t hide the fact that the Mi Mix 2S will ship with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, which will be found in a number of flagships debuting this year. It also revealed what’s likely a benchmark score.

It was Xiaomi that revealed the launch date, though. That was done by a company spokesperson. Donovan Sung, who has years of experience working for global technology companies, confirmed the Mi Mix 2S will go official on March 27.

Further details weren’t provided, but there’s a strong chance the phone is a Mi Mix 2 with upgraded components. Xiaomi might decide to leave the overall design untouched. After all, it’s not like the Mi Mix 2 is very old. Xiaomi only released it six months ago.

When the Mi Mix 2S finally launches, we’ll be sure to share all the details with you. Maybe it’ll end up being Xiaomi’s first phone available globally. As of late, the company’s been testing its phones on U.S. networks.