Mezco Toys recently unveiled the latest toy and the subject of my nightmares, a new Chucky doll. Technically, though, this doll is the original “Good Guys” doll that ultimately came to life in the movie Child’s Play. It’s not possessed… yet.

The doll is capable of speaking four difference phrases that are “accurate” to the original Child’s Play movies. You’ll also receive a die-cut window box with each 15-inch doll. You won’t find blood or scars, just what appears to be a happy little children’s doll.

“Our designers have created an all new head sculpt that perfectly captures his look in the popular film series, including his bright red hair, his wide-eyed innocence, and his cheerful smile,” Mezco Toys said. “Every detail of his iconic outfit has been replicated, from his classic coveralls and shirt to the unique imprint of the soles on his sneakers.”

The $94 Chucky doll is expected to ship between September and October. But beware before you buy: it might come to life and kill you.