Apple recently settled a trademark dispute with Proview in China, which was trying to prevent the Cupertino-based company from selling any device under the "iPad" moniker. Now, the company is facing a similar situation in Mexico where a judge has ruled that Apple is infringing on trademarks owned by a company called iFone. It could, ultimately, lead to Apple being forced to sell the device under a different name.

PhoneArena said that Apple filed for the iPhone trademark in 2007, but iFone has owned its own trademark since April of 2003. Apple started the fight by suing iFone, too, which eventually countersued Apple and now claims that the lawsuit has stalled its business growth.


iFone is asking for 40 percent of all of Apple's iPhone sales in Mexico in damages, which could ultimately lead to a pretty hefty bill. There's no word on if this will affect sales of the iPhone 5 in the country.

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