All bets are still on the table, folks! Super Smash Bros.' roster has not been cemented as "final" yet, so you can stop your silly conspiracy theories of a lack of effort on Nintendo's part. The next character was confirmed in yesterday's Nintendo Direct presentation to be on the way as free DLC in Spring 2015.

Mewtwo is the lucky 50th member who will become the Super Smash Bros. series' first DLC character. The ultimate psychic Pokemon has made only one appearance in the series before in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and it is widely believed he was replaced by Lucario in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as the two share many similar moves. Many believed he would suffer the same fate in this latest entry as he was not available in the Nintendo 3DS version.

Luckily, his fans can anticipate his release next year.

On top of his exciting announcement, this also confirms Nintendo's plans to release more characters as free DLC. Somehow, many were dissatisfied that Nintendo delivered a massive 49 characters in the box, more than any other fighting game on the market, and to those people, you can relax. Your favorite character still might turn up if he or she did not this time.

Who else would you like to see added at this point? Is it wrong to hold out for Simon Belmont still?

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