13 seconds is not enough time for you to get a solid idea on Square Enix’s mobile Mevius Final Fantasy? Then how about a full minute and a half?

Square Enix has been hyping this new entry in it popular series as a console quality product available on smartphones, and it looks every bit as impressive as a mobile Final Fantasy game could possibly be. No spared expense in the looks department, I’ll give the game that much credit. Square Enix doesn’t skimp out on production value no matter how small the production is.

The trailer does contain the previously teased 13 second snippet, but further footage dives into several of the game’s deeper mechanics. We see that our hero can change his job on the fly between several of Final Fantasy’s classic classes, and his outfit changes along side them. Changing his job from a basic warrior to a thief though doesn’t inspire his new outfit further conceal his 24-pack though.

Looks like magic classes are the way to go if that is your main goal.

Mevius Final Fantasy also contains a mechanic involving the classic Moogle monsters from the franchise, but the details are not explored in this trailer. It looks as if the Moogles will aid our hero in discovering crystals, giving this game an undeniable double dose of classic Final Fantasy mythology to it.

It definitely has the look and feel of a game I’d like to try on my smartphone. We’re just waiting for a pricing plan at this point. Mevius Final Fantasy is expected for a release in 2015 for both Android and iOS.