AT&T-MobileThe long, ongoing saga of AT&T’s proposed merger with T-Mobile has essentially been shut down by the FCC over the past week. Even so, AT&T has held strong in its mission despite fierce disapproval from around the industry.

J. Braxton Carter, Chief Financial Officer of MetroPCS, felt he should chime in on the matter, saying Ma Bell’s attempt to buy T-Mobile USA is likely to fail.

Speaking at a UBS AG event in New York, Carter explained that AT&T’s attempt to finagle the deal by exploring all scenarios is “almost kind of moot at this point given the intense opposition by the government.”

As a fall back plan should the deal not go through, AT&T has discussed selling spectrum and customers to MetroPCS in hopes of ramping up competition in the absence of T-Mobile, but nothing has been agreed at this point.

Maybe AT&T should just forget about the deal and start brainstorming ways to improve the service it provides now. Based on a poll of more than 66,000 mobile subscribers, AT&T was deemed the worst carrier in America for the second year running by Consumer Reports. What’s AT&T rebuttal for that?