*Warning! Spoilers for Metroid Prime: Federation Force ahead!*

Okay, let’s stretch our imaginations a little bit on the whole Metroid Prime 4 thing. This post-credits cutscene from Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which is not destroying the universe as so many predicted and has the same Metacritic score as No Man’s Sky, could have all the impact in the world or mean absolutely nothing like a misplaced Marvel red herring. However, fans who have beaten the game are holding on to hope that Nintendo is sending them a message.

And that message is “We have more Metroid coming, and it’s going to be Metroid Prime 4.”

Again, we’re basing this all purely on speculation and the hope of others, but the closing cutscene of the game features one of the Federation’s soldiers sneaking into a containment center and hatching a baby Metroid, most likely for the purpose of stealing it. We all know what problems emerge when that happens, don’t we? A simple birth leads to entire galaxy spanning adventures! It’s also the entire setup for Super Metroid!

We know that Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios has been working on a secret project for a long time. Producer Kensuke Tanabe has also stated that if he were to make a new Metroid Prime game, it would be for the NX at this point, which is coming out in 2017.

Let’s also operate under the assumption that Nintendo is both not stupid and not out to get its fans, as they so frequently assume when they don’t get their way. The company knows that this is not the game Metroid fans have wanted for the last decade and a half, and enough noise has been made to the point where even Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aimé was forced to acknowledge it.

Nintendo can be stubborn, but it knows when it has to act and when it needs to keep secrets. I’ve always been convinced that Federation Force was just a way to hold fans over until a bigger release as well as a way to introduce a new generation of gamers to the franchise. Maybe that’s going to ultimately prove true after all.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is available now for the Nintendo 3DS for $39.99. You can see the full cutscene in the video below at the 23:10 mark.