Nintendo showed off more of Metroid Prime Federation Force during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation, and I’m still in the apparently small camp that thinks it looks like a lot of fun.

No, it’s not a full blown Metroid game, but Nintendo isn’t trying to push it as one. The brand new trailer acknowledges the differences from the classic formula and gives a much closer look as to what it actually looks like. You and three friends team up to run missions in the Metroid universe together jumping into mechanized suits powered by the same technology used in Samus’ suit.

It’s not Metroid, but it’s also equally inoffensive. And this trailer has less first-person soccer, which is an added bonus.

Again, I think it looks fine, and I am more than confident in assuming that Nintendo is working on a new “proper” Metroid Prime behind the scenes with Retro Studios for the NX. This is a fun side project that Next Level Games, a wonderful studio that has only delivered good times for Nintendo fans, is working on to hold the tide until the main show arrives.

However, Nintendo fans continue to show disgruntlement towards the game. Immediately after its release, the trailer was barraged with negative comments and “dislikes” that outnumbered the “likes” 2:1. It got so bad that Nintendo had to disable the ratings graphic.

Nintendo backhandedly acknowledged the negative reaction in the Nintendo Direct presentation, stating that everyone at the company “hopes you try the game for yourself.” In other words, don’t jump to conclusions. It could be a lot of fun!

Metroid Prime Federation Force launches for the Nintendo 3DS this spring.