Metroid Prime

Development for Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze wrapped up all the way back in November, so what has developer Retro Studios been doing in the meantime? Well, working on a new game of course.

Nintendo Producer Kensuke Tanabe, who oversees the Nintendo owned American company, has stated in an interview with Gamespot that the Metroid Prime developer has been hard at work on a brand new game for the last six months.

Retro Studios President and CEO Michael Kelbaugh also chimed into the interview, dismissing the common belief that the Wii U is an underpowered machine that simply suffers from a steep learning curve, one his employees were eager to take on.

"Unfortunately, the perception is that it's not a very powerful machine. That's just not true. It's a powerhouse. It's more than adequate to make great games on."

Tanabe wouldn't confirm what the new game was, but other interviews with Nintendo officials, like this one from Official Nintendo Magazine, are suggesting a long overdue return to the Metroid series. After Team Ninja turned in a mediocre run on Metroid: Other M, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto seems to have realized just how important Retro Studio is to the beloved franchises future.

"Certainly the Metroid franchise is one that, when you talk about really bringing the world to life, we feel that Metroid and the characters established are really important for Nintendo," Miyamoto claims.

"I definitely think it's a franchise that we value and we certainly want to see what we can do with it in the future. And, obviously, Retro is a very high priority in terms of the potential team that would be considered for working on a Metroid game."

Are we overdue for an HD Metroid Prime video game? I was blown away by Retro Studio's first go with the series on the Gamecube because of how flawlessly it converted Metroid's 2D roots into a 3D experience. The two follow-ups left me feeling shorthanded, though.

I think enough time has passed, and I would love to see Retro get another chance at Metroid. Just look at the alternatives.