Everyone who has a problem with Metroid Prime Federation Force can legitimately complain about it now that the demo is available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Don’t look now, though, because the reception I’ve been seeing has been somewhat positive.

Keep in mind that the demo is just the soccer portion Blast Ball, and not the multiplayer shooter missions. Comparisons to Rocket League and Mario Kart are already being made with the high octane action used to shooter the ball through a goal. Power-ups are fun, the addition of projectile weapons adds a whole new level to the mayhem, and a genuine sense of strategy clearly flows through the action.

While this is a demo, it’s the full multiplayer mode. Once Federation Force releases, those who grabbed Blast Ball for free will still be able to play and with owners of the full game, too.

It’s almost as if Next Level Games, the studio behind fun hits like Punch Out! and Luigi’s Mansion:Dark Moon, knows how to make a great video game! Like it’s done several times in the past!

Maybe not a true Metroid game, but focusing on that is judging the game by its title and not its own merits. Gotta sell the game somehow, and it’s not like spin-off titles are something new. Maybe the Nintendo audience jumped the gun on this one… perhaps? Why not give it a fair chance now that it’s already been smeared in sticky hatred.

And then you can finally get all this angst out of your system and happily await Metroid on the NX.