Flashback to last year at E3. That was the year Sony announced the new God of War. They debuted the game in stunning fashion. We got music, a bit of a trailer and, eventually, the shadowy reveal of Kratos himself to announce that we were looking at a proper God of War title. Then we saw a whole bunch of gameplay to put a bow on it.

Now, imagine if all Sony had shown was a logo. No gameplay, no cinematics, no voiceover, just some light music, a logo and then a transition to another topic. Imagine the lack of hype, the impulse to ignore, the snark on Twitter. People would go nuts in frustration.

I’ll posit that the same would happen for Activision and a new Call of Duty, Microsoft and Halo, Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed.

Nintendo? Nintendo just rolled out a logo for Metroid Prime 4, and the internet lost its collective mind with hype. Here’s what they showed off.

Some tunes, a logo and word that it’s being developed for the Nintendo Switch.

If that’s not enough, Nintendo did even less for the Pokémon franchise. They’re making a core one for the Switch, and that’s literally all they said.

I don’t think other publishers could get away with this. Maybe (Maybe!) Valve with Half-Life 3. Microsoft, Sony, Activision, etc.? I’m not sure it would work.

The thing that really sort of bugs me here is that, at least in the case of Metroid, Nintendo needs to prove the franchise is good again. The last Metroid we got was Other M, a game that most gamers had some mixed feelings about. Compared to Prime, it was a massive misfire.

Metroid Prime 4 is the first return we’ve had since 2007. Get excited, sure, but don’t lose your mind until you see some actual gameplay. Look at Star Fox Zero for proof of checking your expectations.

Consider this a little light commentary following the show. I think Nintendo had a great presentation, and I look forward to these games. It’s just strange that we’re all so pumped over a logo.