The two biggest announcements of E3 2017, at least for the Nintendo crowd and maybe for the entire show, were Nintendo’s plans to bring both Metroid Prime 4 and Pokémon to the Nintendo Switch. The announcements alone, with no other news or footage, caused the internet to light up with excitement.

So what exactly are these games? Are the announcements enough to put your mind to rest? Well, at least as far as Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé says, neither game will deviate too far from the established path.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Reggie claims that Metroid Prime 4 will be “a first-person adventure.” Since the last time we saw the Metroid Prime series, however, the meaning behind those words has changed greatly to describe titles likes Gone Home and Firewatch. I doubt Nintendo will adjust the series to account for that genre, and the “adventure” part of the description just helps set it apart from the shooters of the world like Call of Duty and Overwatch.

As for Pokémon on the Switch, Reggie says that it too won’t be changing all that much, describing it as “a traditional find, battle, train type experience.” This makes it sound like a typical game in the main series and not a spin-off or anything in that regard.

Either way, fans are just happy that they exist, and we’re eager to get more information as Nintendo makes it available.