Those of you playing Metroid Other M on the Nintendo Wii may be in for a rough time if you choose to save the game at the wrong moment. And the worst part is that the save that triggers the problem is in a location that makes a lot of sense to make a new save file.

I admit I haven't played the game (it would help if I owned a Wii …), but this sounds beyond frustrating, and I can only imagine the headaches it is causing some players.

Metroid Other MApparently as you play through the third level, the Lava Pit area, you have to defeat the level boss three times to unlock a door and move on. It is a natural impulse to run and save the game after defeating any boss, but it seems if you do this that it somehow causes the door to remain locked, and there is no way to go and unlock it. Defeating more enemies don't help the situation, and you can go back as far as you want, but it won't help.

The scariest part is that it also seems to corrupt older save files. The suggestion, as mentioned in the video above, is to save a copy of the game to an SD card and remove it from the console before going against the boss for the third time. If you do encounter the glitch you can then reload from the save on the card as it would no have been in the system at the time. The only other option you would have is to start the game over from the beginning, and that isn't a thought anyone would relish.

According to Joystiq, Nintendo is aware of the issue, but no fix or patch has been announced as of yet.  It would seem to be a simple thing to send out some sort of fix, but nothing is known to be forthcoming at this moment.

As to the assertion this has something to do with an update Nintendo sent out this week, we don't the validity of the comment, but if true, they send out that update, why not another.

What say you?  Have you encountered the problem?