As of yesterday, Metro: Last Light has officially launched. The brand new trailer above is the fresh piece of media from 4A Games and Deep Silver.

It's awesome that we're even seeing this game, folks, because it's one of the first titles to release from the batch of THQ properties sold off during the company's bankruptcy and closure. Picked up by Koch Media, parent company of Deep Silver, Metro: Last Light survived its original publisher's closure and is now on its way to picking up a good helping of critical acclaim.

So far, the reception to this FPS horror title in a bombed out Russia has been exceptionally positive. Critics and gamers alike have praised the game for its themes, feel and tone. Considering the original Metro 2033 was a mediocre flash in the pan (which we liked, oddly enough), it's great to see this sequel rise up and surpass its predecessor.

You can pick up Metro: Last Light for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 right now. Drop $5 extra bucks on the game and you'll get Ranger Mode, an upped difficulty with less HUD. Supposedly, this is the definitive way to play the game, according to the devs. Why it wasn't included, then, is beyond me. Silly developers/publishers.

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