Farewell, MetroPCS. The service isn’t shutting down, but it’ll be known under a slightly different name this fall. T-Mobile, which acquired the entity in 2013, announced that MetroPCS will undergo a rebranding and offer two additional plans that bundle premium services used by many.

So what’ll it be called? Starting in October, ‘Metro by T-Mobile’ takes its place. Now there’s no mistaking the connection between these two.

As for the plans, Metro will continue selling low-cost alternatives. But the carrier wants to sweeten the pot and make a little more money. With Metro’s new plans, you get access to Amazon Prime and Google One while saving money on wireless service.

Here’s a breakdown of the plans, according t0 T-Mobile:

The $50/mo and $60/mo plans are stacked with unlimited LTE data as well as generous amounts of high-speed data for mobile hotspot. Also, both have taxes and fees included in their prices. Where you’ll pick up on differences (and advantages) are the extra memberships.

If you go with the first option, you’ll get a Google One membership. That’s means you have significant cloud storage for all types of files. Then, for the $60/mo plan, you get an Amazon Prime membership in addition to a Google One membership. So you can purchase thousands of items from the online retailer and get them with expedited shipping.

Anyone with a Prime membership can also dive into Prime Video and Prime Music for entertainment.

T-Mobile made the decision to rebrand MetroPCS after realizing that consumers often associate ‘prepaid’ with shotty coverage and awful devices. But the magenta-loving carrier thinks its purple-loving counterpart has a lot to offer. Today, Metro uses T-Mobile nationwide network to cover more than 323 million people in the United States.

Metro’s arrival should include an advertising campaign and makeovers for retail stores in major U.S. cities. Although it’s a prepaid brand, T-Mobile has always put plenty of attention on Metro for its affordability.