While PS Vita may not be performing as well in the US as it could be, that doesn't mean there aren't some interesting games coming out. One of the ones we're most interested in is the platformer Metrico, currently set for a Spring release – we listed it among our most anticipated games for the year on the platform.

Metrico developer Digital Dreams is in the final stages of production on the game, and they're showing off a new branching trailer to celebrate. Start the videos with annotations enabled and click on one of the icons to see one of the trailers for the game.

The idea behind Metrico is using stats to solve puzzles. You might have to cross a gap whose bridge forms based on how many times you've jumped into a pit, or a door that only opens after you spend enough time in the air. The idea has expanded, according to level designer Roy van de Mortel in a blog post on the official PlayStation Blog.

When we started out, we thought Metrico was mainly about infographics and finding out what to give as an input to solve puzzles. But when we played around with PS Vita and all of its hardware features, it became clear that the game is not just about solving puzzles.

Metrico is a lot about the player and his or her physical presence while playing. With all the hardware inputs, PS Vita is the perfect console for this. For instance, Metrico knows how you're holding the Vita, or how much light is in your room.

The team has also been polishing the six worlds that will comprise the final game, making sure each stage has its own look, feel, sound, and most importantly, infographic-based puzzles. The music especially is already sounding great. I don't have a Vita personally, but I'm going to have to find one for Metrico.