There are plenty of smartwatch options available right now, and even more are expected in the near future. One new entry hopes to beat out the competition with a high-end device that’s just as focused on style as it is on convenience with a little help from former Nokia and Vertu design guru Frank Nuovo.

The Meta M1 is the latest from Meta Watch, a company that got its start on Kickstarter but hasn’t had the same success as other startups like Pebble. The M1 is available to pre-order right now and ranges from $249 for a simple version in black, white or red to $449 for a sleek limited edition Black Stainless variant. All models are expected to ship next month.

The display itself is a simple monochrome and the device works with both iOS and Android, synching with your phone to offer quick notifications. It’s missing a few key features like voice control though, and doesn’t offer as many as apps as Android Wear. Hopefully the Meta M1 can still compete based on its looks, but it may have some trouble against the upcoming Moto 360 and Apple’s rumored smartwatch.

For now the Meta M1 looks like a solid option for anyone who wants to replace their high-end “dumb” watch with a smarter device that doesn’t sacrifice on looks. Whether it can stay relevant as the next wave of smartwatches arrives remains to be seen.