The self-gratifying dream of saving the American way of life will have to wait until 2019. From Software's and Digital Devolver's Metal Wolf Chaos XD, a remaster of the 2004 Japan-only Xbox gem and the most RED-WHITE-and-BLUE patriotic game in history, has been confirmed for a delay and won't be on shelves until next year.

The news comes to us from Devolver Digital's Twitter account, taking the guise of DNN, the fascist news network which becomes the voice of the evil American government in the game.

For those who have never heard of it, Metal Wolf Chaos is a product of pre-Dark Souls From Software, back when the now-legendary studio made Armored Core and a whole lot of other forgettable junk. The game stars United States of America President Richard Wilson, a descendant of Woodrow Wilson, who is deposed in a coup de'tat at the hands of a backstabbing Vice President and the entire United States military.

However, Wilson makes a desperate escape with the aid of a secret mech suit hidden in the Oval Office for such an occasion and safely escapes to the West Coast. Then, from sea to shining sea, he wages a one-man war to retake the White House from the forces he used to command, using his heavily armored robot suit and the God-given, people-mandated right to govern our country to lay waste to America's traitors at different iconic locations on his native soil.

And he does so the American way… with chain-guns, rail cannons, missile launchers, and whatever other over-the-top weaponry From Software could cram into that amazing robot suit.

For obvious reasons, Metal Wolf Chaos was never published in North America back in 2004. At the time, the United States was recovering from a terrible terrorist attack, fighting wars in two countries, and desperately needed unification among its people. A video game where the American President destroys his own military troops wasn't exactly the best candidate for localization, given the mood of the country.

Fifteen years later, Devolver Digital feels that enough had time past and the game is ready for a full release. People view America differently right now, and the game could very well be a hit. I'll let you decide what that means, but in the meantime, also check out this the classic YouTube video that launched the cult-hit into the world view.

Prepare yourself to take back America in 2019!