You thought The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion‘s Horse Armor was bad. You thought buying items in Candy Crush Saga was bad. Game publisher Konami is looking to score the world record for most ridiculous microtransaction in a video game, and we’re only two months into 2018. The newly-released Metal Gear Survive is asking for your money to do something so basic, so simple, that we’ve been doing it since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. If you want more than one save slot for Metal Gear Survive, you’ll need to cough up roughly $10 U.S. dollars.

Metal Gear Survive, in case you missed this strange title when it was announced, is a game ostensibly set in the Metal Gear universe, albeit in an alternate timeline. Gone are the stealth action and political intrigue, replaced with a zombie survival game. First spotted over on Reddit, it seems that creating a secondary save slot in Metal Gear Survive requires that you spend 1000 “SV Coins,” an in-game currency purchased with real money that you made working at a real job. You can delete your existing save, of course, and create a new save slot for free that way, but may Konami have mercy on your soul if you want to have two save slots.

As PC Gamer notes, you can buy 1150 of these SV Coins for $9.99 right now. You can also accrue 30 SV Coins by logging in every day, which would let you add a new save slot after a month of daily logins if you didn’t spend those coins on anything else.

It’s not a surprise that Metal Gear Survive is loaded with microtransactions. The publisher ousted Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima before he could truly finish Metal Gear Solid V so that it could invest in mobile games (and saw a boost in profits as a result). It also promptly put some of its best series – Silent Hill, Castlevania, and of course, Metal Gear, into pachinko and slot machines. But this seems brazen even for Konami, a company gamers have largely given up on.

That’s not the only weirdness coming out of Metal Gear Survive, either. Aside from the game having nothing to do with the series its named after, aside from the fact that you have to buy additional save slots, the End User License Agreement for the game explicitly prohibits using the game to start a relationship.

If you want to pay money for basic game features that have been in place since The Legend of Zelda, or you want to not start a relationship, Metal Gear Survive is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.