I’m hardly in any position to point the finger and laugh about typos, but I never pass up the opportunity to point them out when they are permanently stuck on the cover of something official. Those who pre-ordered the Metal Gear Solid V Special Edition PlayStation 4 will forever be graced by a typo staring them in the face from their entertainment setup.

Plus, they get a nice little chemistry lesson as well. Can you see it yet?

If not, I totally understand. The misspelled word is “molybdeum,” the 42nd element of the periodic table, the one Sony warns not to be used on the surface of the console as a  lubricant. The correct spelling is “molybdenum,” because of course we use that every single day… don’t we?

Again, it’s hardly an offensive spelling error, but if Sony and Konami ever get around to fixing it, the gaffe will make the already-sparse limited edition console even more valuable. The console was only available in Europe and Oceania as well, meaning that those who want to snag one up in North America will have to hope nobody selling their console from overseas will ever notice.