Metal Gear Solid tackles some serious themes and issues entangling our world today, but the series is never one to pass up on a silly little gag. And I do mean some serious attempts at low brow humor.

Awkward conversations during serious moments. Weird attempts at slapstick with seriously unlikable characters. Breaking the fourth wall to remind player that this is a game after all. Cameos from Nintendo characters. Hideo Kojima loves lining his mind altering games with little giggles and chuckles, and it more often than not distracts from the serious tone the series has going for it.

Just because gaming has taken a much more serious and mature turn over the last decade, don’t expect series mastermind Kojima to let up wih the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Kojima posted on his Twitter account recently that despite a serious theme of “revenge,” he “couldn’t help including stupid jokes again.” He followed up stating most of his writing staff was on board.

My team members positively accepted & said that’s the essence of MGS but I’d better keep my mouth shot [sic] to Yoji in case he resists.

So, does this mean there will be a nerd wetting his pants behind mosiac bars? A couple proposing to each other while murdering soldiers in synchronous gunfire patterns? Complaining from a high maintenance girlfriend during tough boss fights? No more monologues about “love blooming on the battlefield?” Or wait, that was supposed to be a serious moment, huh?

Only Kojima knows at this point what cringe inducing things will occur in between Metal Gear Solid V‘s serious points. Are you excited to see Kojima bring his eternally strange sense of humor to the table once more?

Metal Gear Solid V will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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