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We already knew Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, the ultra-short prequel to next year's The Phantom Pain, was heading to PC, but now we have a release date to go with it: December 18.

We don't have a price for the game yet – let's hope for $15 or $20 – but we do have some details on what we can expect from the game. If you have a beefy PC, this might end up being a good way to get your video card's fan revving up.

Konami has said that the PC version of the game will scale up to 4K resolution for those of you with giant monitors (or really tiny pixels, I guess). Additionally, the game will include an increased number of simultaneous light shadows, more simultaneous models and an increased shadow resolution. There won't be much if anything in the way of content changes, but it looks like Kojima Productions is using the extra power available to PCs to squeeze that much more photorealism out of the Fox Engine the game is built on.

As December is usually pretty empty, that's a good time to release a new port of a game and, better yet, it's right around the time of Steam's winter sale, meaning we could see the game fetch a pretty attractive price that better matches some gamers' concerns about its length.