Konami whetted our appetites earlier this week with a bunch of screenshots showing off the differences between the four versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Now it has gone and made us absolutely ravenous with an official comparison video.

As good as the game looks in this YouTube video, though, it looks absolutely stunning in full 1080p, 60fps glory. We've linked to the GameTrailers post for the comparison below, which has a download of the full resolution video, and we strongly recommend watching that instead of the YouTube video above, as that's what we're discussing here. YouTube videos are limited to 30 frames per second and will always be converted, compressed and optimized. Everything is muddied and the four versions look almost identical, though the PlayStation 4 version edges out the others even through the compression.

The biggest revelation from the video is just how much of a difference the higher frame rate makes. The game is silky smooth and the textures are clear and crisp even in motion. The texture difference feels a bit like going from a painting to a photograph. It looks good on the previous generation consoles and even looks great on Xbox One, but on PlayStation 4 it simply looks incredible.

The game looks great on all four consoles. The work Kojima's team has done squeezing every ounce of power out of the eight-year-old consoles is truly impressive, and Metal Gear Solid fans should be happy with the game no matter which platform they pick it up on.

So, why is Konami posting this video themselves, rather than letting someone else put it together when the game comes out? They built this new engine for the game – the Fox Engine – and it's likely they want to show off how powerful the engine is across platforms and generations. This is a great way to market Fox Engine to other potential developers if they wanted to license it, and with how dominant Unreal and CryEngine are, anything Fox Engine can do to get a leg up is going to help.

Regardless of any length issues with MGS V, this video has me more excited to get back into Snake's sneaking boots than ever.

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