Konami said that Metal Gear would continue, and it looks like they’re keeping their promise – just like one of those evil, wish-twisting genies.

Konami’s pachinko division, KPE, has filed a trademark for Big Boss, according to Kotaku.

The trademark covers board games, smartphone games, medal games, slot machines, pachinko machines, and the like. The image below was part of the filing. This is, of course, sad and pretty disgusting – I can’t imagine how series creator Hideo Kojima feels – but it’s also in line with their recent behavior of turning their other big franchises – Castlevania and Silent Hill – into similar products. It seemed like only a matter of time.

While Japanese game development is in a huge state of change right now, these recent moves are especially disappointing considering how far back Castlevania and Metal Gear both go. There aren’t many still-living franchises that are older.

I just hope they call the game Metal Gear: The Phantom Payout.