For those who were not around to experience it the first time through, Metal Gear Solid was simply a phenomenon when it launched. It was a revolution in storytelling, and just as importantly, a revolution in localization.

In fact, it became so big in Japan that Konami produced an audio drama, and the localization was so popular that it was it too was dubbed into English. This dub was lost for many years, until now. Thanks to Metal Gear Solid fan Josh Griffiths, the world can now enjoy it in its fullest.

Couldn’t come at a more awkward time either.

The dub itsef is non-canon, telling the story of Solid Snake continuing to work for the U.S. government after the events at Shadow Moses, and it doesn’t star any of the original cast members, even David Hayter’s iconic growl as Snake. It might be the practice you need to hear another actor playing Snake leading up into Keifer Sutherland’s job in The Phantom Pain.

Be sure to give it a listen. It might not be official canon, but it’s interesting lost history nonetheless.