John Carpenter could’ve sued Hideo Kojima, but chose not to. Why? Because Kojima’s a nice guy.

In the movie Escape from New York, Snake Plissken is sent into a walled off facility – the entire city of New York, in this case – to rescue the President from criminals ransoming him, with something injected into his veins to kill him if he fails. In the game Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake is sent into a remote facility – Shadow Moses Island – to rescue the President of a company (among other things), with something injected in his veins to kill him regardless of whether he is successful or not. And then there’s the time Solid Snake used Plissken as an alias. And then… you get the point.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director John Carpenter said that at one time, the company that owns the rights to Escape from New York came to him about Metal Gear Solid.

“CanalPlus wanted to go after the video game Metal Gear Solid, which is kind of a rip-off of Escape from New York, too,” Carpenter said. “But I told them not to do that. I know the director of those games, and he’s a nice guy, or at least he’s nice to me.”

Let’s not forget Venom Snake’s flowing Kurt Russell-esque locks and eyepatch in the last few Metal Gear Solid games.

If you’re going to make millions off of what is undeniably, at least in part, an homage to a classic 80s action film, apparently it does pay to be nice.