As most Metal Gear Fans can attest, if they’re being honest, the franchise is sort of a convoluted mess. It’s a good mess, though, and we love it for all of its craziness.

But, man, have you ever really stepped back and tried to arrange the series and its characters in a way that makes sense? Our own Eric Frederiksen recently did this in order to prep for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He created a timeline, of sorts, as well as a guide for the major players in the story.

Even with that, he’s still confused. I know I’m confused. And, obviously, the folks behind the Honest Gaming series are confused as well.

Enter the Honest Game Trailer for Metal Gear Solid. No, this one isn’t just for MGSV, instead it covers the entire line. It highlights exactly how crazy things are perfectly.

I think Sean lost his mind when he read that there’s a “Solidus Snake.” He doesn’t get it, man. He doesn’t get it.