Yoji Shinkawa Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain

It’s always nice to see that some of the old guard can still run with the best of them. When it comes to video game artists, we have Yoshitaka Amano drawing for Final Fantasy and Akira Toriyama still doing his thing for Dragon Quest. Maybe slightly lesser known than those two is Yoji Shinkawa, the man who has been drawing for Metal Gear Solid since the very first game.

Granted, it’s strange calling him an “old guard” because he’s only 43, but his style has remained consistent since the 1998 hit. What does he do with his possible last chance to draw for the series? Of course, he nails it! Behold, Shinkawa’s final masterpiece for what is very likely the final game in the series. If this is how he is leaving behind the series his art sets the tone for, then he should be very proud.

This final piece perfectly captures the elements of Metal Gear Solid V with Quiet in the front and Snake’s “shrapnel horn” jammed into his head. Plus, the orange is a nice touch for the desert setting, a color that Shinkawa’s art doesn’t employ that often.

Who knows where Yoji Shinkawa will be heading next. In addition to Metal Gear Solid, he has also drawn for Hideo Kojima’s other franchises Zone of the Enders and Policenauts. Will he stick around and continue drawing Metal Gear Solid art if Konami decides to continue the series without Kojima, or will he follow his longtime compatriot onto the indie scene?

Or will he call it quits from video games altogether and continue drawing fabulous art for other purposes? Like so many other questions about the future of Metal Gear, only time will tell. Check out some of his other art below.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will launch for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on September 1.

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