Last week, we ran a story that indicated Hideo Kojima had announced that his team was working on Metal Gear Solid 5. The news came to us by way of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK cover reveal for their next issue. In that issue preview, they explicitly listed that their magazine would include details for Kojima's plans concerning Metal Gear Solid 5.

As it turns out, those "details" and "plans" might as well be considered nothing more than chit chat and consideration. The exact quote from Kojima in the magazine comes to us today from the magazine's official site as they've elected to roll out some of the interview ahead of the issue. Here's Kojima's plans for Metal Gear Solid 5:

"I think we'll probably have to make it at some point, but what that will be, we have no idea."

On behalf of the Internet as a whole, we apologize. We're going to go ahead and say that this is hardly a solid confirmation of plans for Metal Gear Solid 5. What we have here is consideration for an eventual project. Sure, Metal Gear Solid 4 did actually provide a relatively good amount of closure for the franchise; however, we all know that there will be a new entry somewhere down the line. Kojima and his team simply agree with that point.

Is it coming? Maybe. But this quote does nothing to confirm or deny the potential existence of the project.

In other news…I'm probably going to make Japanese curry for dinner again at some point; but, when that will be, I have no idea.


[via Official PlayStation Magazine UK]